The List by Aito Osemegbe Joseph (Nigeria)


Aito Osemegbe Joseph works as a Sales Professional during the day and at dusk, writes horror stories and psychological thrillers. His short stories have appeared in ‘Brittle Paper’ and ‘Kalahari review’. He is set to publish a collection of short stories and is currently working on his debut novel. Read his Writivism-shortlisted story here.

Boyi by Gloria Mwaniga Minage (Kenya)


Gloria Mwaniga Minage is a high school teacher in Baringo where she also runs a children’s reading club. She is also a freelance writer of literary pieces for The Saturday Nation and The East African newspapers as well as coordinator of Amka, a literary workshop that meets monthly at the Goethe Institut in Nairobi to…

SunDown by Acan Innocent Immaculate (Uganda)


Acan Innocent Immaculate is a 20-year old Ugandan pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. Writing has always been her first love and she looks forward to a literary atmosphere where African stories will break the mould even more than they do now. Read her shortlisted story here.

I Didn’t Go Back by Laure Gnagbé Blédou (Ivory Coast)


Laure Gnagbé Blédou  whose short story is shortlisted for the Writivism short story competition, is passionate, a woman, lover, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, Africa-ddict, thirty-something, impatient, Ivorian, French, human, reader, speaker, writer, demanding, citizen, vegetarian, traveller, road-trip fan, learner, book-lover, bridge-lover, chocolate-lover, music enthusiast, sharer, feminist, old-school, new-school, journalist. The short story was translated…

The Swahilification of Mutembei by Abu Amirah (Kenya)


Writivism shortlisted writer Abu Amirah finds pleasure in the written word because of the ability to lose himself in an infectious world filled with characters begging to come to life, metaphors, muse and madness; and amid all this, the power to give the reader permission to laugh, cry, love and hate! Read is shortlisted story…

Nhetembo Shanu dza Emmanuel Mhike Hove (Zimbabwe)

emmanuel mhike

Emmanuel Mhike Hove akaberekwa kwaMazvihwa, Zimbabwe, mugore ra1987. Mwana weimba yovushe hwekwaMazvihwa uyo anombodzwa nerekuti “Prince of Mazvihwa” . Akadzidza paGudo Primary School nepaGwavachemai Secondary, achibva azopedzisira paZvishavane High, asati aenda kuMidlands State University, uko abuda neHonours degree reMusic and Musicology. Akashanda paMusic Arts  and Culture Festival iyo yaachiri kubatsira nanhasi. Mhike ndoumwe veavo vakauya…

New fiction by Tendai Machingaidze (Zimbabwe)


We are featuring a new short story, “The Cape of Good Hope”, by Tendai Machingaidze, who was born in 1982 in Harare, Zimbabwe. She holds degrees from Syracuse University and Southwestern Seminary. Her short stories have been published by Weaver Press, Africa Book Club, The Kalahari Review, Lawino, Munyori Literary Journal, African Roar, Open Road…