New Short Story by Tendai Machingaidze (Zimbabwe)

tendai“I am a tomb”, begins the new short story by Tendai Machingaidze, ‘The Neurological Map of a Madwoman’, a story that puts the reader into a dream state. What more can you ask for, especially from a writer who also uses language with a magical skill?

Tendai Machingaidze was born in 1982 in Harare, Zimbabwe. She holds degrees from Syracuse University and Southwestern Seminary. Her short stories have been published by Weaver Press Zimbabwe, Africa Book Club, The Kalahari Review, Lawino, and African Roar. Tendai has also published her debut novel titled “Acacia” (African Perspectives Publishing, 2014).

The story continues, “I carried death inside of me for a day and a night. I knew but I did not breathe a word of it to him. I did not want it to be true. So, I lied to him and to myself. Until it drove me mad and he could see it in my eyes. An erratic wildness. A disturbing daze.”

Read the full story here. 


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