New poems by Shawn Aveningo (USA)

Robert R Sanders | creativerobert@robertsandersphoto.com916.804.9312Check out our poetry section for new poems by Shawn Aveningo,  globally published, award-winning poet who can’t stand the taste of coconut, eats pistachios daily and loves shoes … especially red ones! ( She believes poetry, especially when read aloud, is the perfect literary art form for today’s fast-paced world due to its power to stir emotion in less than two minutes. Shawn’s poetry has appeared in over 70 literary journals & anthologies, and she has authored four solo collections. She’s given birth on two continents, and her three children make her an extremely proud “mama bear”. An original “show-me” girl from Missouri, she’s been fortunate to live in a myriad of locales during her 49 years on this blue ball.  She now shares the creative life with her soul-mate in Portland, Oregon, where they have recently launched their publishing imprint under The Poetry Box®( and just released Keeping It Weird-Poems & Stories of Portland, Oregon. Their newest project is a global anthology about birds called Poeming Pigeons ( Read Shawn’s poem here.

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