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Short story by Vidya Panicker (India)

Vidya Panicker

Vidya Panicker, a writer from Kerala, India has her poems, stories and translations published or upcoming in journals and magazines including The Feminist Review, Muse India, Himal South Asian, East Lit journal, Aberration Labyrinth, Spark journal, Indian review, Indian Ruminations, Raed Leaf India, Brown girl magazine, Femina fast fiction, Contemporary Literary Review of India,, and…

Elliot Ziwira Reviews Kutyauripo’s ‘Museve Usingapotse’

Crymio Kutyauripo

Kutyauripo, the Custodian of Shona Cultural Values   CHINUA Achebe writes in “African Writers Talking” (1972:7) that: “. . . what I think a novelist can teach is something very fundamental, namely to indicate to his readers, to put it crudely that we in Africa did not hear of culture for the first time from…