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African Literary Prizes, Legitimacy, and the non-African Gaze by Bwandugi Mugarura

Dr. Francis Crick's Nobel Prize Medal on Heritage Auctions

Every year the African continent holds its breath as we wait for the announcement. We’ve blogged the stories, Googled the authors, engaged in furious debate about the style of writing, about the story, about the author. Then the tweet drops, the website is updated and we all find out who won the Caine Prize. The…

My Experience at the 2015 Caine Prize Writers Workshop in Ghana by Nkiacha Atemnkeng


I was one of the participants of the 2015 Caine Prize Writers Workshop, held in Elmina, a picturesque coastal town in Ghana, from April 6 to 19. I travelled from Douala on Ethiopian Airlines, so I spent the night in Addis Ababa and boarded the long flight to Accra the next morning. We landed at the…