New Shona Fiction by Idzai Iris Mushayabasa (Zimbabwe)


This is the second story by Idzai Mushayabasa to be featured in Munyori. Her 2015 story entitled  Zvibaye Wega was a delight to many readers in Southern Africa, She comes back with “Zvipenga Zvipenga”, a rich story that will grab the attention of many readers of Shona. Born in Masvingo Province in Mwenezi District, Idzai Iris Mushayabasa holds a Bachelor of Arts General Degree (English and Linguistics) from the University of Zimbabwe and has taught at Vurasha Secondary School in Mberengwa, Mwenezi High School and Chibaya Secondary School in Masvingo Province. She is a new poet and writer who has three of her poems, Ndotamba Mutambiroyi, Panzvimbo and Wotokwinya Chimhandara  published in Dzinonyandura, Svinga Renduri an anthology by  263 set for 2016 -17 Advanced Level public examinations. Her passion for the advancement and promotion of languages and African culture among today’s youth is strongly painted in her poems and writings on social networks.Her poems  probe into issues related to culture and identity. She also gives remarkable attention to women’s problems especially in marriage. Read her newest story here. 


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