New Fiction by Rumbi Munochiveyi (Zimbabwe)

Photo Credit: MunyaMunochiveyi

We have just published a new short story, “A Certain Time Ago”,  by Rumbi Munochiveyi, a Zimbabwean writer who is currently completing her B.S. in Mathematics at the  Worcester State University, Massachusetts. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and four children.





Ambuya died on a breezy, late August afternoon, twenty-five minutes after six o’clock, with my mother sitting next to her bed, calmly watching life slip out of her. Mamma folded her mother’s arms over a bosom barely covered by a thin-threaded muslin nightdress my grandmother had worn each night for seven years, and covered the eyes’ whites before calling anyone, before shedding a single tear, like it was the most normal thing to do on a Thursday afternoon. Read the story here. 


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