Louie Crew: Haiku


Queer  poet Louie Crew, 76, is an  Alabama native and an emeritus professor at Rutgers.  He lives in East Orange,  NJ, with Ernest Clay, his husband of 39  years. As of  today, editors have published  2,276 of Crew’s poems and essays. You can  follow his work at  Rutgers University and on Wikipedia. The University of Michigan collects  Crew’s  papers.

A Week’s Worth of Biblical Haiku

Elder Brother

Watch his eyes. That old glint
for his own share’s now for mine.

Samaritan’s Lover

Told you ev’rything!?
Girl, you trust one of them?!


Sure, he’ll lead. Trust me.
All he needs is a gentle nudge, a kiss.

Good Samaritan’s Boy Friend

You what?! For one of them?
Paid his bills too!?

Third Thief

Yeah! Sure, sure! Mmm! Some kingdom.
I know cheap grace when I see it.

Centurian’s Boy Friend

You think He knew
and spoke the Word anyway?

Fundelical Christ

Bitch, repent in view.
or I’ll let them cast the stones.

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