Boyi by Gloria Mwaniga Minage (Kenya)


Gloria Mwaniga Minage is a high school teacher in Baringo where she also runs a children’s reading club. She is also a freelance writer of literary pieces for The Saturday Nation and The East African newspapers as well as coordinator of Amka, a literary workshop that meets monthly at the Goethe Institut in Nairobi to…

SunDown by Acan Innocent Immaculate (Uganda)


Acan Innocent Immaculate is a 20-year old Ugandan pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. Writing has always been her first love and she looks forward to a literary atmosphere where African stories will break the mould even more than they do now. Read her shortlisted story here.

New fiction by Tendai Machingaidze (Zimbabwe)


We are featuring a new short story, “The Cape of Good Hope”, by Tendai Machingaidze, who was born in 1982 in Harare, Zimbabwe. She holds degrees from Syracuse University and Southwestern Seminary. Her short stories have been published by Weaver Press, Africa Book Club, The Kalahari Review, Lawino, Munyori Literary Journal, African Roar, Open Road…

New Fiction by Amatesiro Dore (Nigeria)


Amatesiro Dore is a 2009 alumnus of the Farafina Trust Creative Writing Workshop and 2015 Fellow of the Ebedi International Writers Residency. His work has been published and is forthcoming in Kwani?, Farafina, YNaija, The ScoopNG, Vanguard Newspaper, Brittle Paper, Bakwa Magazine, The Kalahari Review, The Ofi Press, Expound Magazine, Omenana and Chimurenga. His work…

New Fiction by Obinna Udenwe (Nigeria)

Obinna Udenwe (3)

Obinna Udenwe is the author of the award-winning Satans & Shaitans – a conspiracy crime fiction on terrorism, politics and love.He is one of the few African writers fearless enough to delve into controversial issues. In 2015, he eroticised the Nigerian church in fiction in a series titled Holy Sex, published to wide readership and…

New Fiction by Muti Phoya (Malawi)

Muti (1)

We are happy to feature a new short story by Malawian writer, Muti Phoya, a guest faculty for Sara Lawrence College, a private liberal arts college in the United States of America. His short story Chameleons with Mega-pixel Skins was featured in A Memory This Size and other stories: The Caine Prize for African Writing 2013.…

New Fiction by Ewurama Hayford (Ghana/USA)


Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Ewurama Hayford has nurtured her love for African literature and creative writing from childhood, penning her first story at the age of 14. When she is not writing, Ewurama enjoys photography and cooking.She shares a home in Vernon, CT with her husband Isaac and their children, Roman and Zara. Read…

New Fiction by Anu Lal (India)

anulal image

Anu Lal is the author of five books; four of them short story collections and one novella. He has also written a book of nonfiction that includes philosophical reflections and reviews of contemporary realities. He is also a blogger, educator, and research scholar. His books are: Wall of Colours and Other Stories, You Should Know…

Short fiction by Nhlanhla Junior Ngulube (South Africa)


Nhlanhla Junior Ngulube says of himself: “My name is Nhlanhla Junior Ngulube. I was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Johannesburg, and now live in China where I am pursuing my Masters degree. I hold an undergraduate degree in Accounting (With honors in Finance) from the University Of Cape Town. Writing, however, remains my primordial love,…