Writivism@5 Special Anthology features 18 Ugandan writers

Fred Mugisha

In 2012, the Centre for African Cultural Excellence (CACE) based in Kampala, Uganda, launched Writivism – an initiative that identifies, mentors and promotes emerging Africa-based writers, and hosts an annual literary festival in Kampala. In 2017, Writivism celebrated its fifth anniversary and to celebrate this milestone, the initiative, in partnership with the University of Bristol,…

New Fiction by Ebele Mogo

Ebele Mogo

Eleven-year-old Veronica died in labour. Her kinsmen said that starting her period earlier than the rest of us made her a woman. Her cervix had insisted otherwise. It’s not as if I was so surprised when they married her off.  Everyone admired her supple skin, her baby face, her petite frame. But be careful when…

New Short Story by Tendai Machingaidze (Zimbabwe)


“I am a tomb”, begins the new short story by Tendai Machingaidze, ‘The Neurological Map of a Madwoman’, a story that puts the reader into a dream state. What more can you ask for, especially from a writer who also uses language with a magical skill? Tendai Machingaidze was born in 1982 in Harare, Zimbabwe.…