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Submit to Munyori Literary Journal through our submission manager.

Fonts accepted are Times New Roman, 12 pt.

Page numbers should be at the top right along with the author’s last name and title of the piece.
Munyori Literary Journal is currently a non-paying publication, but it guarantees a world-wide readership. Munyori also participates in contest nominations. If we decide to nominate your work for a contest, we will inform you in writing.

We may choose to work with contributors on their work through additional editing, proofreading, and offering suggestion, as our aim is to enable each literary work to reach its full potential. However, all work must be proofread and edited prior to submission to showcase your work in the best light.

Biographic Profiles

Know of a writer, author, poet, artist or someone impacting the arts and is inspiring to others and whom you believe people should know about? Write up a biographic essay and send it in. All pieces must be 1500 words or less.

Literary Updates

If you are organizing an event of interest to the literary community, let us know so we can publicize it for you in our Writing News section.


Met a writer, author, poet, artist or someone impacting the arts? You can interview them sharing their inspirational stories and advice. All interviews must be 200 words or less.


Inspiring narratives, scholarly essays and features, and argumentative thought-provoking pieces are welcome. All pieces must be 2000 words or less.

Book Reviews

Know of a book that just speaks to you? Well, now is your chance to share it with others in an informative review. All reviews must be 1500 words or less. Publishers can send books for review to: Emmanuel Sigauke, English Dept.; CRC, 8401 Center Parkway, Sacramento, CA 95823. You may also send books in electronic or pdf format to


We consider different types of poems: lyrical, narrative, haiku, etc.  Certain specifications may be altered to fit the creative requirements of the poem e.g structure, if explained first.  Send three to five poems.


If you have a story waiting for an audience, this is your chance to shine: send in to the Munyori Community for a chance to be published. All pieces must be 5000 words or less.

Art & Photography

Have you captured that perfect moment? Share it with other and send the picture in.

You can also send paintings, drawings collages; the sky’s the limit on the artistic interpretation you wish to share with the world. All pieces must be in JPEG format.

Submission Manager:
Submit to Munyori Literary Journal

All other enquiries can be emailed to Include a brief bio and a JPEG photo of yourself to be posted alongside your work if it’s accepted.

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